The Old Toaster is Toast

I had to buy a new toaster recently. I bought my old one many years ago for a cheap price, and it did well until a few months ago, when it had problems toasting bread. It would sometimes turn on when I pushed the handle, and sometimes it wouldn’t do any at all. As time passed, it had more problems, such as popping up too soon or not popping up at all, causing my bread to burn. I looked on Netphones for a replacement after it finally stopped working entirely.

I found a toaster that was similar to my old one, but it had some extra features. It had indicator lights to let me know that it was working and it had different modes for toasting different foods. Regular bread doesn’t toast in the same way that a frozen waffle would because of the temperature difference, and the toaster could account for these scenarios. Continue reading “The Old Toaster is Toast”