Her Keys Went Down the Drain

I was mortified when my son threw my sister’s keys down the toilet. I never would have thought that they would go through pipes, but they did. The first thing I did was contact a plumber to see if they could help recover the keys. We had no luck there, but the plumber did tell us about a Brisbane CBD locksmith who would be able to come over if we contacted him. The only keys that were on my sister’s key chain were the front door key to my house, and then the front door key to her house. Thankfully, she did not have her car keys on as her husband had to borrow the car that day.

Getting her a new key for my house was no big deal because I always make sure I have at least two spare keys for instances just like this. However, she had the only key to her house unless she waited until her husband got home from his business trip. That really was not an option either because they have several dogs, and they needed to be taken care of. Knowing that we could have a locksmith come over would fix all the problems.

Since the key was not an issue at my house, we explained what had happened to the locksmith. He agreed to meet us at my sister’s house at a certain time, and he was prompt. It did not take him very long to make a new key for my sister. She did have the option of having a new lock put on, but she was not worried about someone finding the house key in the sewage system since there was no way to identify who it belonged to. What started out as something traumatic ended up being fixed quite easily, and we were both grateful for that.